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Shark UV810 vs. NV803

Shark brands capture the attention of their customers, both in design and price. Unlike many brands, the quality of Shark’s products is high, yet they have priced their products cheaply. This might be the biggest reason why the brands are adored in the market today.

In addition to the quality, ease of use is never a question. You will enjoy flexibility during cleaning, allowing you to take care of your home while you take care of your health. Shark vacuum cleaners’ range in diversity with the likes of Shark NV500s series, the NV700s series, and the NV800s series.

The Age of Shark Modern Vacuum Cleaning

A few years back, vacuum-cleaning was something done by only the well-privileged in the community. However, thanks to technology, times have changed, allowing vacuum cleaners to get to almost every household in the country. With a brand such as Shark, consumers continue to have many choices.

The best thing about Shark vacuum cleaners is that they not only pay attention to your flexibility and budget; they also look after your health and hygiene issues such as dust accumulation, hair cleaning problems and body flexibility during cleaning. Most are lightweight with the ability to clean different surfaces at a go. This means you might not have to turn it off before changing modes.

The UV810 Duo Clean

The NV800s series is a high-tech vacuum cleaners’ series by the trustable Shark brand. Popular in the series is the UV810 and the NV803. While we will get a broader Shark UV810 vs NV803 comparison, the NV810 renewed version needs a formal introduction.

The UV810 renewed version is a highly recommended product which has been tested for a very long time. It comes with a 90-day warranty with close to no wear. The product uses clean duo technology which has a bristle brush for deep cleaning in carpets and a soft brush with rolls that work well for hard floors, giving them a polished finish.

Thanks to the lift-away technology, you will find it easy when reaching difficult areas, giving you thorough cleaning while still providing the power to spin the brush rolls. Another useful technique for this model is the Anti-allergen seal and HEPA filters that trap allergens and specks of dust. All in all, you can easily control the machine from the carpet to a hard floor using your fingertips.

Shark UV810 vs NV803 Product Reviews

The NV800s series has a lot of amazing products, but today’s focus will be on Shark UV810 vs NV803. People have shown different responses to the two machines, particularly in online forums.

On Amazon, NV803 has a higher rating at 4.4 of the five stars compared to UV810, which has a 4.1 rating. NV803 is praised for its fantastic suction feature plus being able to take care of severe dust. With this machine, you will have no challenge when working on hard floors, rugs, and carpets, though it is somehow heavy.

UV810, on the other hand, has most of its reviews saying that it is a great or a reliable product. Thanks to a few of its added tools, you can add a variety of surface cleaning features to its advantages. The one thing that people do not like about it is its noise. In general, Shark UV810 vs NV803 reviews show that the machines are highly reliable, and their prices are relatively reasonable.

Shark UV810 vs NV803 in Features and Performance

Though the two machines are in the same series, there are a few aspects of their appearance and performance that will help you tell one from another.

Physical Differences

From afar, Shark UV810 vs NV803 look similar, but they are not precisely the same. Both might have the same silver and red colours, but Shark UV810 adds a black combination to it. Also, if you look closely, you will notice that the red in the UV810 is a bit brighter compared to the dark red in NV803.

The one thing that you will find in both is the lift-away feature which is in most of Shark’s products. The feature allows you to detach the canister when cleaning tricky corners.

Shark UV810 vs NV803 Flexibility and Accessories

Both machines have been made using thin and slim shapes to allow the ease of storage and movement. Their design and dimensions are almost similar. A significant difference comes in the weight. The NV803 is lighter at 15 pounds compared to UV810 which weighs 23.8 pounds.

The weight should, however, not scare you since the lift-away aspect allows them to remain flexible. Also, both use the swivel steering feature that makes it easy to change angles in the movement without breakages.

Both of these vacuum cleaners come with multi-tools, pet power brushes, under appliance wands, duster crevice tools, and accessory bags. However, the UV 810 comes with a Flexi crevice tool and a precision duster. This is probably the reason why it is a bit pricey than its counterpart.

Shark UV810 vs NV803 Power and Cleaning Performance

Thanks to the Never Loses Suction Technology in both vacuum cleaners, the worry of an abrupt air flow loss is lifted. The technology allows these machines to keep secure suctions over a long time. Both also have the HEPA and Anti-allergen features that enable them to clean up to 99.9% of dust and allergens.

Shark UV810 and NV803 have two brush rolls around the nozzle head. As these two rolls spin, they take up large debris as the soft roller takes up smaller debris. They also have headlights for cleaning dark corners and fingertips for switching floor types.

The two different brush rolls feature the clean duo technology. The tougher brush rolls are ideal for carpeted surfaces while the softer ones work best on hard flat floors. Both spin in harmony to give you perfectly cleaned floors.

In Summary

Shark vacuum cleaners guarantee high quality, and this is so for Shark UV810 vs NV803 as well. Though most of the technology used in the machines are similar, attachments in the UV810 make it superior to its counterpart.