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Shark NV831 vs NV835

The invention and commercialization of the vacuum cleaner lead to brooms becoming irrelevant. Currently, it is almost impossible to visit a house in developed countries that does not have a vacuum cleaner.

What is a Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is a home appliance whose purpose is to clean floors, carpets and other areas in the house. Simply referred to as a vacuum, vacuum cleaners are devices that work by causing suction effects. The devices use the suction power to remove debris and dirt from different surfaces in the house, including drapes.

Typically, vacuum cleaners use electricity. However, handheld devices use batteries. The dirt or debris that is collected by the vacuum cleaner is stored inside a dust bag or a cyclone. The storage bag is normally stored inside the device for later disposal. The size of the dust bag differs from one device to another, depending on the brand and type of device. Vacuum cleaners were initially invented in the early 1860s for the sole purpose of cleaning carpets. By the early 2000s, the technology had already been improved to what it is at the moment.

Currently, there are many brands of vacuum cleaners in the market, each unique in its own way. Shark is one of the leading brands in the sector. The Shark brand has made its mark in the industry by constantly providing clients with a wide selection of products that stand out. The vacuums manufactured by Shark are both easy to use and affordable. These factors have significantly influenced the popularity of the brand. Shark vacuum cleaners have also been on the market for years, hence the myriads of loyal customers. Some of the top-selling devices by shark belong in the Shark Rotator and Shark Navigator series. Shark NV831 Vs NV835 are some commonly sought-after products in the Navigator series.

Features of Shark NV831 Vs NV835

1. Similar features


The NV800 is one of the latest series by the Shark brand. This means that products in this series are more advanced and advantageous than other products that came before them. While they may have a lot of similarities, they also have some distinguishing features.

• Shark is known for its Never Loses suction feature that enables the machine to provide the same amount of suction power over an extended period of use. This means that you do not have to worry about the abrupt loss of airflow as is the case with other products in the market. These two brands are not an exception to this feature. This is something that they have in common.
• Both Shark NV831 Vs NV835 feature LED headlights situated on the bottom, as part of the nozzle. The headlights allow the user to locate and spot dust that is hidden in dark spots in the house. This helps to ensure that no debris is missed, hence maintaining a clean household.
• Both Shark NV831 Vs NV835 feature a HEPA filtration system. The system works collaboratively with the anti-allergen complete seal technology. The two features help to remove even the finest of dust and allergens in the house. It also helps to leave the air in the room fresh and safe for occupants that suffer from allergy symptoms. House occupants who wish to avoid the poor quality of air in their rooms would also benefit significantly from this technology.
• Also, Shark NV831 Vs NV835 both come with a lift-away feature. This feature is one that gives the device user the ability to remove the canister from the body of the vacuum. This allows for more flexibility of the device hence making it excellent for cleaning under the furniture. This is a feature that none of the other brands had on their devices until Shark makes it a trend.
• The two vacuum cleaners feature a swivel steering feature which makes them easy to manoeuvre.
• Shark NV831 Vs NV835 both feature the Duo clean technology. The two devices have two brush rolls, one is soft and the other stiff. The two brush rolls spin harmoniously to remove both the fine and the tough forms of dirt at the same time. The feature is one of the reasons why these two devices stand out from other ones of their kind.
• The two devices also have fingertip control features that allow for easy powering on and powering off of the devices. The control feature also allows for a quick transition between cleaning hard floors and delicate carpets and surfaces.
• The two vacuum cleaners also have long cords (30 ft) which allows them to cover a wider diameter in a single plug.


Both devices have the same design and physical appearance. If you fail to look closely at the devices and deduce the light differences, you might be duped to thinking that they are one and the same. They both come in a combination of black and red colours, have LED lights at the bottom, and work in the same manner. Both the nozzle heads of the vacuums are narrow and low-profile. This design allows them to fit in tight places like beneath furniture.


In addition to looking alike and functioning similarly, the two devices also have the same weight (23 pounds). This means that they are both quite portable. Additionally, the devices come with wheels that help to lessen their weight. This makes them very flexible for users. You can, therefore, easily move the devices on different surfaces (both hard and soft). The lift-away canister also reduces the weight of the devices, hence making them very portable. Additionally, both household devices are upright vacuum cleaners.

What are upright vacuum cleaners?

Upright vacuum cleaners are a type of vacuums. They are the most common type and also the very first kind to be invented. The distinguishing feature between upright vacuum cleaners and other kinds is the fact that they take the form of a cleaning head. The head is the part that has both the handle and the bag in which the dirt and debris are collected. This type of vacuum cleaner also uses rotating brush rolls or a beater bar that helps with the removal of dirt from all types of surfaces.

The two features sometimes work together and provide a sweeping and vibration feature that helps with the functioning of the device. Upright vacuum cleaners come in two forms. First is the dirty-air fan type which is common in commercial devices. The other one is the clean-air fan kind which is popular in domestic devices. The two products by Shark are both the clean-air kind.

2. Differences


One of the few differences between Shark NV831 vs NV835 is the fact that they come with different types of accessories. For instance, the Shark NV835 vacuum cleaner comes with a duster crevice tool, a pet multi-tool, as well as a mini-motorized device. On the other hand, the Shark NV831 vacuum cleaner comes with a crevice tool, a pet brush, as well as a power pet brush. In terms of the accompanying accessories, the Shark NV835 vacuum cleaner is superior to the later.


The fact that the NV835 comes with more superior and useful tools than the other type makes it more costly. however, both devices are affordable and the difference in price is not significant.


Shark NV831 Vs NV835, as well as every other product in the Shark brand, are known for their high-end technology. This means that there are very few complaints from users about the technology or the functioning of the devices. Therefore, regardless of the choice you make, one thing you can be sure of is quality and functionality.