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The Shark NV831 vs NV801 – How to Select the Best Vacuum Cleaner For You

With numerous brands offering hundreds of different models, the vacuum cleaner industry is booming. Vacuum cleaners are an essential part of modern life for most people, but our precise needs can be diverse. To cater for individual requirements and homes, brands provide a sometimes bewildering array of specialist attachments and features. It may be difficult to decide which vacuum cleaner to buy, but if you read up about the different models it’s possible to select the ideal one for your needs. If you’ve been looking at the Shark NV831 vs NV801 and are not sure which would be right for you, this article can help you to make a decision. Both of these units come from the NV800 range which is considered to be one of the most advanced, as Shark has fitted out this series with a selection of innovative extras.

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Shark NV831 vs NV801: A Review and Comparison

Shark has repeatedly shown its flagship NV800 vacuums can keep up with technical advances, by incorporating fresh and innovative ideas. With this newer line, the brand revamped the brush roll used in the older Rotator models, for even more lifting power. They chose to promote the NV800 line through a series of infomercials on TV and these were also shown in selected chain stores.

The full name of the NV831 is the Shark Upright DuoClean Powered Lift-away Pet Anti Allergen HEPA, whilst the NV801 is called the Shark Upright Ninja DuoClean Powered Lift-away vacuum. As both models are part of the 800 range they are very similar in the features they include and their external appearance. Both of these upright vacuum cleaners are fitted with LED lights, DuoClean brushes and HEPA filters. However, there is also plenty that sets them apart. Each has individual pros and cons and in this article, we will examine these strengths and weaknesses in detail. If you’re considering either the Shark NV831 or NV801, please read on.


In terms of appearance, there are clear differences between the Shark NV831 vs NV801. The colours chosen for the outer casing are diverse and it can be argued that the NV831 has a bolder, more vivid look. The NV801 is finished in red, but the NV831 is mainly black with red accents. We can also find a distinction in the heights, with the Shark NV801 measuring 46.1 inches(117 cm) and the NV831 measuring far less at 34.5 inches(87cm). Using a taller model tends to be more comfortable as there is less bending involved and therefore less pressure on your back. Additionally, both are made with LED lights fitted to the nozzle which illuminate the area being cleaned so you can make the job as thorough as possible. Finally, both include lift-away technology one of the most popular features of Shark machines. This ensures you won’t lose suction even in the tightest of spaces and around awkward areas like the stairs.


Lighter than the NV831 at 17.1lb(7.7kg), the NV801 weighs in at a manageable 15lb(6.8kg). Both the Shark NV831 and the NV801 come with a steering feature which swivels to make them extremely manoeuvrable when in use. Additionally, the nozzle heads of both models are narrow and low which allows them to access hard-to-reach spaces beneath the furniture. The Shark NV831 and NV801 have been fitted with wheels so the user does not have to bear their weight and the unit is easier to push across hard surfaces such as wood and softer carpeted floors. To make cleaning higher areas simpler, the canister can be removed without any loss of power to the spinning brush roll.

Cleaning Performance

The NV800 series is one of Shark’s most recent launches and these vacuums benefit from various cutting-edge technologies. In the above sections, we mention the general differences between these two models. Here we’ll look at the features which are specific to each model in much closer detail.

Individual Features

Comparing the NV831 vs NV801, we find that both are furnished with Shark’s Never Loses Suction technology for various types of floor. This ensures the vacuum cleaner will continue to provide an excellent level of suction over long periods of time. You don’t need to worry about a loss of airflow or a drop in performance affecting either machine.

Both units are fitted with LED headlights which allow you to see patches of dust and hair in areas of low light. They also come with a HEPA filtration system, as well as the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal feature. Used in combination, these technologies are up to 99.97% effective at removing allergens and fine particles of dust around the home. This leaves the air fresher and better for your health. When you have a partner or family member who suffers from allergies, or you simply want to improve the air quality in your home, these two features are well worth considering.

The 3 in 1 lift-away function is present in both units and means they can be used as canister or an upright vacuums. In upright mode, the brush rolls inside the nozzle head work with the softer roller to pick up fine dust and larger particles. Once the canister section is detached, the vacuum is far lighter and can be used to clean curtains, soft furnishings and stairs. In canister mode, you can use it to freshen up higher surfaces and also floors.

Additionally, both machines have fingertip controls so they can be switched off and on swiftly, or transitioned between cleaning modes. The two vacuums also have 30ft power cables, which should provide ample length even in spacious homes.

The Key Differences:

Looking at the Shark NV831 vs NV801 it’s clear that both are well-equipped for precision cleaning. Both have the brand’s DuoClean function with two brush rolls, one stiff and one soft. These spin together to pick up dirt and dust particles of all sizes at the same time.


The Shark NV801 comes with an under appliance wand, a pet multi-tool, a pet power brush, a duster crevice tool and an accessory bag for storage.

The Shark NV831 has a pet power brush, a pet brush and a crevice tool in the box.

The Cost

The Shark NV831 and the NV801 are both priced quite reasonably. They can usually be found at around the £120 ($150) mark, but the NV831 tends to be more expensive.

Customer Feedback

Reviews of the NV831 are generally positive, with one reviewer commenting: “This is an excellent vacuum!” Users have found the machine to be highly flexible and able to adapt to both hardwood or carpeted floors. Pet owners appreciate the additional utility offered by the various tools, although it’s worth mentioning that some people have found the NV831 to be heavier than they would have liked.

The Shark NV801 is equally popular with a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, awarded by more than 300 reviewers. Customers were particularly impressed with the unit’s ability to clean hard floors and many compared it favourably to Dyson products in the same price bracket. However, once again some people mentioned the unit was heavy.

In Conclusion

Like other models in the Shark range, both the Shark NV831 and the NV801 can manage a multitude of tasks efficiently. When it comes to the specific technical features of each unit there is very little to separate them. However, if you identify which unique attributes and tools will be of most use to you, it is easier to make a decision on which model to purchase.