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Shark NV800 nv NV803

Are you looking for advanced vacuum cleaners? Owning a vacuum cleaner today is advantageous in many ways, including saving a lot of money. Moreover, less effort is needed to operate. Shark Company has introduced different types of vacuum cleaners fitted with essential properties to serve you with excellent performance.
Shark NV800 and NV803 are modern advanced vacuum cleaners designed with high technologies to offer durable and practical cleaning results. Here is an extensive review of the Shark NV800 VS NV803 vacuum cleaners.

1. Shark NV800 VS NV803 – technology and designs

Shark NV800 VS NV803 are almost similar in terms of design. Both vacuum cleaners have dual clean properties with advanced technologies for effective results.
Shark NV800 has an improved rotator powered lift, which comes with a blue color. The Shark NV800 has 46.1 inches, which makes it easy to operate. You don’t have to bend much while cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is convenient for everyone, including those people with back problems.
Shark NV803, on the other hand, is designed with cinnamon shade, which makes it’s unique and different from shark NV800. It’s also a bit shorter, measuring 32.7 inches, which is also not bad for your back. The shark NV800 works flawlessly and provides high quality service.
Besides, both Shark NV800 and NV803 are designed with lift away technologies that contribute much to their operation. The powered lift-away design helps in easy moving the vacuum cleaners from one place to the other.

2. Efficiency

Both Shark NV800 VS NV803 have LED lights fitted on the nozzle, which helps illuminate the room during cleaning. This feature helps you clean and insist on all areas that desperately needs more attention. You will also avoid different accidents during your cleaning. A well-illuminated room makes it easy to spot debris.

3. Affordability

While choosing a vacuum cleaner, it’s essential to consider the design and quality more than the set price. Both Shark NV800 and NV803 are designed with advanced technologies, therefore high performance. The set price for Shark NV800 and NV803 is over $250, which is a regulated price considering the type of results you will get.
Shark NV800 and NV803 save you a lot of money after purchase since they are energy effective reducing high energy bills. You will also avoid different damage risks while cleaning since the LED lights play a significant role in illuminating all the areas in the room.

4. Customer Rating

According to the Amazon reviews, Shark NV800 VS NV803 has received different feedbacks from the customers. Shark NV800 received many positive comments from customers for its excellent performance on hard surfaces. It’s also easy to lift and cleans well under the bed and other furniture.
On the other hand, NV803 was rated 4.4 stars by different customers out of five stars. This rating was based on the fact that NV803 has a high suction in removing severe dust. Both NV800 and NV803 are a bit heavy, but the powered lift-away technology facilitates portability.

5. More Accessories

Shark NV800 is good in many ways since it comes with a dust crevice tool, which is useful for high-performance cleaning. There is also a pet power brush that works well on hard surfaces and the Flexi crevice tool, which plays a significant role during cleaning.
On the other hand, Shark NV803 has an accessory bag, pet Multi-tool, and duster crevice tool for high-performance cleaning. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner comes with a pet power brush as well as under appliance wand to help you when cleaning under the bed and other hard to reach surfaces.

6. Cleaning Performance

Both Shark NV800 and NV803 have high cleaning performance facilitated by the type of features they have. Both Shark NV800 and NV803 are fitted with HEPA filtration as well as Anti- Allergen seal technology, which contributes to the fresh air environment.
After cleaning with either Shark NV800 or NV803, you are guaranteed fresh air good for your health. If any of your family members are suffering from dust or dirt allergies, they will have a pleasant environment where they can live in a pollutant-free environment. Both vacuum cleaners have high suction to help in cleaning rough surfaces and removing dust and different kinds of dirt.

7. Portability Function

Shark NV800 weighs 21.4 pounds, unlike NV803, which weighs 15 pounds. Besides this weight, both NV800 and NV803 are designed with swivel steering property for easy maneuvering and operation. The nozzle heads are narrow; therefore, you can easily clean tight places, including under the bed and furniture.
Moreover, both Shark NV800 and NV803 are designed with fingertip controls. You can easily power on or off. This feature makes it easy to transition the vacuum cleaner from a carpet cleaning mode to a rough surface.
Moreover, the dual clean technology entails two types of brushes to clean rough and soft surfaces. You do not have to worry about your carpet being torn while cleaning. This technology makes it easy to control and operate the vacuum cleaner.
Also, both NV800 and NV803 are fitted with wheels to enhance mobility and lessen the weight. You will need less energy in operating these vacuum cleaners. You can easily lift these machines to areas hard to reach. These wheels are durable and highly resistant to tear, and shear, therefore, moves quickly even in hard surfaces.

8. Anti- Allergen Complete Seal Technology

Both Shark NV800 and NV803 are designed with anti-allergen and HEPA filter technologies to remove any dust and allergens in different surfaces. This technology has been tested and proven effective when breaking down various pollutants and removing dirt.
The dust and any allergens are easily trapped inside the vacuum, ensuring your room is clean. You will indeed provide a safe environment for your family members to dwell free from dust and allergens.

Bottom Line

Your home is the best investment; therefore, you should invest all your efforts in keeping it clean. Both Shark NV800 and NV803 vacuum cleaners are designed with advanced technologies and HEPA Filtration to remove any dirt from surfaces easily.
You do not need any training to operate these cleaners. Both NV800 and NV803 are made with high suction and LED lights to help you concentrate on different areas that need to be well cleaned. They are sold at affordable prices and have various substantial features to ease your cleaning.