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Shark NV680 vs NV681 – comparison

A vacuum cleaner is one of the essential household appliances that you will ever own. They do a lot of work within a short time. It doesn’t matter whether you want to use it in your house, apartment, or even in business, to be able to aid your cleaning, you will find it incredibly necessary to own the machine. Living in a messy environment may lead to several health issues and can also affect your emotions negatively as you may not feel happy living in an untidy, dirty house.

The carpets contain pathogens and other potential health threats that lurk within the carpet’s fibres waiting for an opportune time to cause you and your family problems. Therefore, house cleaning is not only a must but also safe. To do this house-cleaning works, you need a vacuum cleaner that will take the harm away in a few minutes. However, several brands are available in the market nowadays and choosing a suitable vacuum cleaner that will suit your cleaning needs is not easy.

To not end up buying several vacuums, I would recommend you to get Shark models. Shark is a trustworthy brand that offers a variety of models in the home cleaning sector. Their models are excellent quality with a good reputation and come at reasonable prices. Two of their best models that I will compare in this article are the Shark NV680 and Shark NV681 models.

Shark, through its line of product innovations, has proved to be at the forefront in improving and reinventing its products. As you can see in the case of the NV600 series, they have reinvented their brush rolls in their rotator models. Both NV680 and NV681 are members of the upward Rotator Powered vacuums with Lift-away speed function. Despite belonging to the same family line, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the two vacuums in details.

Shark NV680 VS NV681 Design

In terms of design, Shark NV680 and NV681 are identical, and this can be a real nightmare when choosing the right machine for your cleaning needs. They come with the same shades of green and silver. However, there is one feature that can differentiate the two: NV681 is thinner and relatively taller than NV680. Due to its thinness, NV681 is more comfortable to operate and to store. Another similarity between the two is the Lift-away function. With this feature, you can carry the vacuum cleaner around and up and down the stairs with ease. Also, both machines have LED lights that illuminate dark areas that need cleaning attention.

Shark NV680 VS NV681 Portability

Both machines may be similar in design, but they weigh differently. With Shark NV681, its slimmer design makes it lighter as compared it NV680. Shark NV680 weighs 23.6 pounds, whereas Shark NV681 weighs 13.2 pounds. Shark models come with a swivel steering, and this feature makes them highly manoeuvrable. Additionally, they have a narrow and low profile nozzle head, which makes them, access tight places such as low profile furniture. The Lift-away function in both models helps to enhance portability.

Shark NV680 VS NV681 Cleaning Performance

Both models show acceptable performance, and the thousands of positive feedbacks are received online to prove this fact. But, each machine has its pros and cons, although both are not so much different regarding cleaning capabilities. Here is the comparison:

  • Both vacuum cleaners are equipped with Shark’s famous Never Loses Suction technology. The technology allows the vacuum to supply a strong suction for longer continually. Therefore, when using any of these machines, you need not worry about an abrupt loss of airflow, which is common in many other products.
  • Both have the LED headlights feature on the floor nozzle. Illumination from the lights allows you to spot dust in hidden dark areas making sure no dirt is left behind.
  • Two unique features that make both machines stand out from the rest are the complete Anti-Allergen Seal and the HEPA filtration system. Statistically, the combination of these two great features allows the removal of tiny dust particles and allergens in the house for up to 99.97%. The air that returns is safe for your health and very fresh. In the event where you want fresh air in the rooms, or one of the family members is suffering allergy symptoms, consider any of these two vacuums.
  • As mentioned above, both have the 2-in-1 Lift-away function, which allows the vacuums to function on an upright or a Lift-away cleaning mode. In the vertical mode, the two brush rolls located on the nozzle spins and pick the large debris, leaving the soft one to pick up fine dust. When you press the Lift-away release button, the canister is detached from the vacuum making it possible to lift and clean the upholstery, drapes, stairs and other places.
  • Both have a fingertip control feature on the handle that allows users to switch from carpet cleaning to bare floor cleaning options smoothly and vice versa.

Shark NV680 VS NV681 Accessories

  • Shark NV680 comes with upholstery and a 5.5″ crevice tool, where as:
  • Shark NV681 comes with a dust-away, pet multi-tool, microfiber pad and a duster crevice.

Shark NV680 VS NV681 Price

  • With more useful accessories, the NV681 price is higher than NV680.

Shark NV680 VS NV681 Feedbacks

On Amazon’s reviews, NV681 has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, and that’s a high score. A good number of people are stunned by how well it works, with the most satisfying function being the carpet mode. A good number of people are amazed by how the roller excellently removes dust and hair deep down from carpet fibres. With NV680 coming with almost a half-price compared to some high-end appliances, it can deliver comparable performance. It looks like the NV680 has impressed the users by showing a great Lift-away and suction feature, and the price is also reasonable.

The Conclusion

To sum it all, both NV680 and NV681 can comfortably deal with multiple tasks, although at some point they can give different performance results due to other additional features. However, if you exactly know what your house cleaning needs are, whether expensive or cheap, price should not be a big deal as both machines work well.