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Shark NV581 vs NV586

Household chores have never been easier, thanks to vacuum cleaners. Before they came along, one had to use a lot of time and effort to get cleaning not only done, but also done in the most accurate way possible. It was no surprise to hear several household workers complaining of backbone issues, colds, cases of flu, and other bacterial infections.

Thankfully, vacuum cleaners took away such hassle, allowing the work to become more relaxed, manageable and more importantly, taking lesser time. The efficiency is also excellent. Still, different brand owners are improving the cleaners.

Shark is one of the most recommended vacuum cleaning brands in today’s market. Their machine quality is quite high, yet they have the ability to maintain prices at quite a competitive level. Several of this brand’s products are compatible with other quality samples at nearly half the original price. For people on a tight budget but in urgent need for a vacuum cleaner, the NV500s series is something you should have a look into.

In this article, you will get adequate details of Shark NV581 vs NV586, allowing you to make informed decisions on which of the two you will go for. The most vital thing about a vacuum cleaner is having the ability to integrate well with your home. In this Shark NV581 vs NV586, you will determine if this is so for any of the two.

Review and Comparison of Shark NV581 vs NV586

Most models, especially those that are near each other in names and release date, have several functionalities and properties in common. The Shark NV581 and NV586 are not any different. Given that they are quite near in the NV500s series, you will find a lot of similarities.

Shark NV586 Renewed Version

Before heading to detailed comparison, it is good that one collects some knowledge on the renewed NV586 version. This is a Shark navigator upright vacuum edition with refurbished products, making it look all new. The 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner has a pet hair pick-up, which is very useful for people having trouble with their pet’s hair.

The renewed NV586 comes with crevice and upholstery tools. It also has HEPA and anti-allergen filters to trap about 99.9% of allergens and specks of dust. Other than these, it contains foam filters, two in total, to prevent captured dust and allergens from escaping back in the air. Its cleaning path is almost 12 inches, with an 1140-watt base.

Now let’s get to the significant Shark NV581 vs NV586 properties.

Similarities and Differences

Most Shark products include the portability feature; this might be the reason why many customers love them. Swivel Steering technology has worked well with Shark brands, thus the ease in coming up with machines that have a perfect guide around obstacles like sofas and table legs. Just as highlighted above, the NV581 is the easiest to manoeuvre around. You can also lift the portable canister, especially when cleaning stair areas.

When it comes to the Shark NV581 vs NV586 design, not much can be highlighted since they are quite similar. The shade and overall design are the same; hence, this is not a factor to use when deciding which one to pick. Their duct cups are quite large, with both having a shiny purple colour. If you are not careful though, you will not notice the slight dimensional difference.

The NV586 is a bit short compared to the NV581. This means the NV581 has better back support compared to its counterpart. Although it is the taller one, the NV581 is still lighter at about 17 pounds. The NV586 is 21.2 pounds. However, both have lift-away functions, meaning they are portable and can reach some problematic areas in your room, helping make your cleaning a bit thorough.

Technology does not matter if it does not lead to better cleaning performance. In the Shark NV581 vs NV586 performance, many have given excellent performance reviews. It is important to note that both machines use the Never Lose Suction Technology to keep the suction power at its peak, thus assisting in a thorough cleaning for a long time.

Both have LED headlights at the bottom nozzle, helping you see where you are cleaning, especially in dark corners. Also, both have anti-allergens and HEPA filters Complete Seal Technology that traps 99.9% allergens and dust. With 25-inch codes, Shark NV581 and NV586 have a massive cleaning area and a fingertip control that makes it easy to switch between carpet and hard floor modes.

Shark NV581 vs NV586

Both machines collect a lot of feedback, especially on Amazon. For the NV581, many are impressed with its performance, saying that it is quite convenient and versatile, allowing one to clean several surfaces. Its HEPA filtration system and Lift-away functions have also collected a lot of praises. Though many do not like the fact it does not have a lot of attachments, the price makes many people still go for it over other brands.

The NV586 also has fantastic reviews on Amazon, collecting an average rating of 4.0 out of the five maximum. The highest praised feature is the hose switching abilities between carpet and hard floors without having first to turn it off. It is also great for rooms that have a lot of hair like places the pets spend their night and in saloons.

Adjusting the suction up and down is quite easy. Its most significant disadvantage is its heavy top, though its price is quite competitive as you would expect from a Shark brand.


Shark NV581 vs NV586 is not an easy comparison to undertake, given that most of their features are quite similar. Since they are in the same class, the differences are quite small. It is effortless for them to balance out depending on what a customer is looking for. The best way to get a clear difference is by weighing their attached tools. This is where most of their differences come into play. You can consider the features noted in this article to determine which machine would work best for you.