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Shark NV355 vs NV356E; which one should you go for?

Human beings need to be healthy as much as they need to eat and sleep. Health can be fostered by a variety of things, including maintaining a clean home. Vacuuming is an important part of doing this. It helps to keep the home dust-free. Before vacuuming was introduced, dust was removed using brooms and rugs. However, sweeping and wiping methods were less effective because they do not eliminate all the dust. The need for a device that takes care of all the dirt and dust lead to the invention of the vacuum cleaner. In addition to effective cleaning, these devices also help to make the task of cleaning easier and less time consuming or tiresome.

How do Vacuum Cleaners Work?

For a vacuum cleaner to work, it has to be plugged into a source of power. The electric current helps to operate the motor. On the other hand, the motor is connected to a fan which is built with angled blades. The blades are somewhat similar to an airplane propeller. When the motor starts moving, the blades begin to turn as well. The turning of the blades causes air to move forwards towards the exhaust port.

The air pressure near the exhaust port increases while that behind the fan decreases below the pressure level outside the vacuum cleaner. This causes the air outside to push itself inside the vacuum cleaner through the intake ports. The running of the fans helps keep the passageway of the vacuum cleaner open, therefore, maintaining a constant airflow inside and outside the device. Through the principle of friction, the stream of air collects dirt and debris from the carpet and other surfaces. The dirt is then collected in the cleaner bag made of porous woven material that acts like a filter.

Shark Vacuum Cleaners

Different brands of vacuum cleaners work differently because of the design. The designs differ from one manufacturer to another and one product to another. For instance, Shark is one of the most common manufacturers of vacuum cleaners. However, the brand makes different types of vacuum cleaners that are ranked in a variety of series like Navigator, Rocket, Ion and Rotator, among others. While the variety is beneficial for consumers, it also makes it challenging for users to choose from the crowd. The Navigator series is one of the crowd favourites. However, there are also several types under this series that consumers can choose from. Vacuum cleaners in this series are similar in more ways than one including the appearance. However, they all have their weaknesses and strengths. It is therefore important to look deeper into the features of each. In this post, we will be comparing two types of vacuum cleaners from the Navigator series by shark; Shark NV355 Vs NV356E.

Shark NV355 Vs NV356E; The Ultimate Comparison

Vacuums under the shark Navigator series are known to be lightweight and easy to use. The series is one of the best-selling products by shark with the best reviews in the market.


· Design

Shark NV355 Vs NV356E are both upright vacuums. Upright vacuum cleaners are known to have impeccable suction power, a strong hose and cord. This means that both the Shark NV355 Vs NV356E have long cords (30 feet) that make work easier. The two also have portable canisters situated above the ground. NV 356 is also much taller than the latter by about twenty inches and thinner as well.

· Appearance

The two types of vacuum cleaners are similar in colour as they both have white and silver shades. However, the patterns are distinctive in both.

· Functionality

The two types of vacuums also function similarly. They have the lift away function that allows users to detach the vacuum from the canister. This feature helps to covert the device into a hand-held one that can be used to clean areas above the ground. Shark NV355 and NV356E both have a suction control feature that helps to adjust the power hence making it possible to use in different locations. They also have long cords that allow them to cover a larger diameter. This feature also allows the vacuum cleaners to be used to clean ceilings and high curtains.

· Dust Cup Capacity

The two devices have the same dust capsizes. The sizes are 2.2 dry quartz when filled to the fill line and twice that size when completely full. This size is good enough to accommodate long periods of cleaning in different locations in the house.

· Customer reviews

According to the reviews both on Amazon and the official Shark Navigator series website, both Shark NV355 and NV356E have positive reviews. Shark NV256E has a five-star rating for its versatility, power and ease of use. The consumers, however, wish that the vacuum cleaner had a head light that would assist in cleaning dark areas within the house. On the other hand, the NV355 is praised for its performance, impeccably high suction power and reasonable cost. However, clients are disappointed by the heavy top that increases the likelihood of tipping over.


· Filtration systems

The Shark NV356 E has a HEPA filtration as well as an anti-allergen complete seal technology. The combination of the two features helps to remove both fine dusts and allergens. The features also work well in houses that are occupied by people who suffer from allergies. It also helps to improve the quality of air in the house. The NV355 vacuum cleaner is lacking in this department.

· Accessories

The Shark NV356E comes with a dusting brush, an eight-inch crevice tool, a power brush for pets and dust-away hard floor attachments each with two pads. On the other hand, the Shark NV355 comes with an eight-inch crevice tool, a turbo brush, microfiber pad, hard floor hero, wide tools for upholsting and a dusting brush.

· Portability

The NV356E is lighter (13.7 pounds) than the NV355(30 pounds). Regardless, both Shark NV355 and NV356E have a swivel steering technology that allows for easy maneuvering of the devices. The difference in weight does not take away from the fact that they are both portable enough for cleaning small rooms which warranty frequent turns.

· Price

The cost of the NV356E is notably higher that that of the latter. However, the difference in the prices is not too significant. However, both these vacuum cleaners are priced lower than two hundred dollars. This makes them suitable for both low- and middle-income families.

Features of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are the most common types of devices in the market. This means that they are the most sought-after and the most readily available models. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this type of vacuum cleaners is the fact that they have powerful suction power. They also come with easy to understand accessories and functions. The vacuum cleaners are also very versatile. This means that they can be used both on carpeted floors and bare floors. They are also usable on carpets, ceilings and other surfaces. These vacuum cleaners are also cost-efficient and more portable than the latter.


The reason why the Shark NV356E is more costly than the NV355 version is mainly because of the high filtration system. Considering the fact that the filtration system is beneficial in more ways than one, the steep cost is justifiable. This means that the filtration system is the only significant difference between these two models. Despite this significant difference, the two models are similar in several ways and are both impeccable devices. The performance of both devices is unmatched. This makes sense since they are both in the same series.